The 13th Floor


We #RESPECT And Bow Down To Nada, The One And Only Roddy Piper!

Sometimes, there are characters in genre pictures that are so darned righteous and awesome, you can’t stop thinking about them or their amazing feats long after the movie is over. This column is dedicated to those cinematic bad-asses that keep us coming back for more. And who better to salute, while kicking ass and chewing […]

Scary Fun TV 

11 Potentially Awesome Horror & Sci-Fi TV Shows that Never Aired

TV is a fickle, bitchy landscape. Shows come and go at the whim of executives, audiences, and voodoo curses. And what gets the green light one day may be canceled the next. Each year, the networks order test pilots to try out shows, casts, writers, or concepts with audiences.  And sometimes, even if the ideas […]

Real Life Scares 

The Strange And Myserious Sounds In The Sky

Imagine yourself in a deep sleep. You’re warm and cozy in your bed, the night is peaceful and quiet. Suddenly, you’re abruptly awakened by a piercing, screeching sound. In your stupor, you pull yourself out of your pillow-paradise, thinking the worst is happening. Then, you realize that the earsplitting shrieks aren’t coming from inside of […]