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Journeying Into PREDATOR’s Universe: Ranking all PREDATOR Projects So Far

The Predator has been a fixture of pop culture since John McTiernan’s 1987 survival horror bonanza PREDATOR hit the big screen. In the 30 years to pass since the flick’s arrival, a myriad of PREDATOR projects have landed on big screens, retail shelves and filled warehouses before eventual homes. This beastly spinal column collecting monstrosity […]


Check Out This Footage Of The “Wolf” PREDATOR From AVP: REQUIEM

One of the cool things about the emergence and growth of YouTube is the access it gives us horror fans to some of the amazing creature creation work that goes on behind-the-scenes of some of our favorite franchises. A lot of FX houses have embraced the media and relished in sharing their personal videos. Studio ADI […]