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Real Life Scares 

The Strange Mystery of the Starchild Skull Found in Mexico

Somewhere around 1930, a young girl exploring an abandoned mine in southwest Chihuahua, Mexico unearthed a startling and frightening discovery. It was a skull, buried deep within the tunnels. From the size and shape, she ascertained that it was a child-sized human skull. Next to the child’s skull was a full-sized human skeleton lying face up […]

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Was CRITTERS Based on a Real Story?: Exploring the Kelly-Hopkinsville Alien Encounter

Was there genuine truth to the Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter? It’s one of history’s greatest questions and time has left it surprisingly powerless. That’s not a complete mystery when you consider today’s technology, the elaborate depths one will dive too in order to create the most believable hoax, and what can be presented and spread like wild […]

Real Life Scares 

Lucky And Billy Ray Fight The Goblins

Do you believe in aliens? What about goblins? What if, and stick with me here, what if aliens are goblins? Did I just blow your mind? If I did, you need to go get a new mind right away, cause I’m about to blow that one too. I’m gonna take you back to Kelly, Kentucky […]


You Can Thank Kanye West For Discovering The EVIL DEAD ’13 Director!

This week on the new episode of the produced horror podcast Shock Waves, we had very special guest Fede Alvarez, the director of the upcoming horror thriller DON’T BREATHE (in theaters August 26th!) and the 2013 remake of the classic EVIL DEAD. And one fun tid-bit came out of the candid conversation that kind […]

Films Scary Fun 

The 10 Scariest Alien Invasion Movies!

I’m not sure how, exactly, alien invasion stories fell out of the “horror” genre. Sci-fi films like INDEPENDENCE DAY can tell stories about invading monsters that murder human beings by the millions, and yet somehow they’ll considered “adventure” movies by the public at large. Something is altogether off about that, isn’t it? But it’s probably […]