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Die Laughing: The Nightmarish Humor of ADULT SWIM’s “Informercials”

The comedy and horror genres often cross over, though in theory they target completely different demographics… so why is this so commonplace? Maybe it’s the way they both explore the extreme and absurd, even if their approaches vary; that’s why works that can successfully embody both categories are so impactful — laughing and screaming come […]


The Absurdist Horror of THE ERIC ANDRE SHOW

Late night television has long been well-known for two types of programming: talk shows and horror shows. And with THE ERIC ANDRE SHOW, we’ve got both of those rolled up into one big, bloody bag of carnage and comedy! THE ERIC ANDRE SHOW is a strange, low-budget talk show that takes place in what appears to […]


CINEMA IN EXTREMIS: “Lasagna Cat Sex Survey” is the Most Horrific YouTube Video Ever [NSFW]

Consider this your first warning: You really, really need to take note of that NSFW tag, because what I’m about to show you is definitely not for viewers of a delicate nature. Hell, I’m not sure who the intended audience is… and frankly, I don’t want to know, either. Instead of just writing “NOPE NOPE […]

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5 Hilariously Horrific Adult Swim Shows that We Wish Would Come Back!

Cartoon Network’s [adult swim] first launched in 2001. Since then, it has provided some of the most innovative and experimental programs ever imagined. Some of their shows even find themselves crossing over the comedy line as they delve into more horrific scenarios. Although many of their shows have earned long runs and fanatical followings, some just […]

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The 10 Best Horror References in RICK AND MORTY

When it comes to references, Adult Swim’s RICK AND MORTY has something for everyone. Referencing everything from astrophysics to obscure ’80s sitcoms, RICK AND MORTY somehow manages to be intelligent while featuring the antics of a drunken, verbally abusive grandfather and his dimwitted, enabling grandson as they travel through space and time fighting testicle monsters and […]

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‘80s Synth Artists Battle a Comet in ADULT SWIM’s Totally Deranged LIVE AT THE NECROPOLIS

There’s probably nothing I can say to make sense of the following clip, other than it’s the latest masterpiece of WTF from the twisted minds behind Adult Swim’s nightmare-inducing “infomercial” content — which has previously included the viral explosions TOO MANY COOKS, UNEDITED FOOTAGE OF A BEAR, and THIS HOUSE HAS PEOPLE IN IT. If […]