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13 Classic Horror Teasers with ZERO Footage From Their Own Films

I really miss horror teasers. Not just the old trailers… I’m talking real teasers: promotional mini-movies designed to suggest the horrors awaiting audiences without actually showing any footage from the films they’re advertising. At their absolute best, teasers were full-motion versions of a movie’s poster art, giving you just enough information to tantalize your imagination, […]

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Overlooked Gems Of Horror Soundtracks

If you’re a regular visitor here on the site, then you’d probably know how much I love music and soundtracks, particularly to horror movies. But looking beyond traditional scores, if there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s a catchy pop theme song or ballad! If it somehow features the title of the movie as […]


Slashback! Behold the Zany, Low-Budget Camp of Pre-Jason Slasher THE PREY (1984)

“It’s not human… and it’s got an axe.” Seriously, people — how can any movie, slasher or otherwise, meet the expectations delivered by a supreme tagline like that? Well, you can rest assured that THE PREY doesn’t even come close; not only is its villain human (albeit hulking, animalistic and severely deformed), but he barely […]



It’d been a long while since I’d seen either of THE ADDAMS FAMILY movies, but with Halloween winding down, I wanted to see something horror themed that was light and fun, and so I broke out both of these movies for a double feature. You have to remember in context that back in 1991 when […]