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CINEMA IN EXTREMIS: Behind the Scenes of EXTREMITY with Director Anthony DiBlasi

Previously in this column, the writing team of Scott Swan and David Bond revealed details about a film that looks to be the ultimate word on the “extreme haunt” trend — appropriately titled EXTREMITY. They also revealed that one of my favorite genre filmmakers, Anthony DiBlasi (LAST SHIFT, MOST LIKELY TO DIE), would be helming the […]

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10 Young Adult Horror Novels that Should be Made into Movies Right Now!

This week’s release of the trailer for Tim Burton’s adaptation of MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN started plenty of discussions in the horror community about what other horror “young adult” books are ripe for good film adaptations. Below is my list of 10 young adult horror novels that I feel are sorely overdue for a […]


Clive Barker’s ABARAT: The Epic Disney Movie that Never Was

15 years ago, bookstores were a little less complicated. You could enter, find the genre or topic you wanted, and browse endlessly. Nowadays, however, bookstores have become almost infinitely compartmentalized. This is especially true when dealing with Young Adult fiction. Bookstores not only have a YA section, but there are now entire racks devoted exclusively […]