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The 1980s Horror Anthology You Likely Missed: Exploring DEADTIME STORIES

The 1986 film DEADTIME STORIES is a horror anthology with a twisted take on the fairytales we remember from our childhood. All three stories, told by an annoyed babysitting uncle at his nephew’s bedtime, are on the surface tongue-in-cheek parodies, but they have a lot to offer. Each story is a unique interpretation of these old […]


Ten 80s Horror Movies You Likely Haven’t Seen

Oh the ’80s! They are considered by some to be one of the golden ages of horror, filled to the brim with slashers, monsters, and eye-popping special effects. But not all ’80s horror films became the stuff of legend. Some, though quite good, never received proper releases, never became available outside of international territories, or […]


EXCLUSIVE Creepy Clip Of “The Driver” From FENDER BENDER

This Friday evening, June 3rd, the Chiller network will be premiering the original horror feature FENDER BENDER, a joint collaboration with the fine fiends over at Scream Factory. This marks the first original feature from Scream Factory who, up until now, have been producing stellar Criterion-esque collector’s editions of horror titles on Blu-Ray. It also marks […]


ENOUGH! Five Things Horror Needs To Let Rest

I love horror. You love horror. If you didn’t, I can’t imagine why you would be checking out an article on Unless you’re my mom, who doesn’t like horror, but likes seeing her son’s name on the internet. Hi mom! For the rest of us, we need to admit a few things about our […]


Talkin’ Tracks – The Other 80’s: Hidden Soundtrack Gems

‘I will take you places you’ve never been. I will show you things that you have never seen and I will see the life run out of you’ – Eva (GHOST STORY) The 1980s was a fertile time for film lovers. The entertainment industry as a whole, while steadily growing since the late 1950s seemed […]

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5 Badass Heavy Metal Hair Band Horror Films

The 1970’s flamboyance of The New York Dolls and Alice Cooper along with the hammer guitar mastery of Eddie Van Halen paved the way for Aqua Net bands like Motley Crue and Hanoi Rocks (yes, I know the irony of putting those two bands in the same sentence). These ultra-coifed purveyors of metal dominated the […]


Lost on VHS: PSYCHO COP (1989)

“He’s the last cop you’ll ever meet.” The arresting cover art (oh, yes, I did!) for Southgate Entertainment’s home video release of Wallace Potts’ PSYCHO COP is what you could call masterfully misleading. It dares you not to confuse this movie with the more recognized and largely lauded William Lustig action-slasher staple MANIAC COP, employing an […]