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6 Animated Movies Perfect For The Halloween Season – In 3-D!

If you’ve been following along on my editorials here on, then you may know what a huge advocate for home 3D I am. I’ve already listed out 5 recommendations, then 5 more and then another 5 to own! But I’ve specifically reserved a slot this week to pick 6 animated movies available in home […]


Was DUO-VISION The Best Horror Gimmick That Nobody Saw?

Getting an audience into a theater can be a tricky business. You have to dazzle them. You have to promise them glory. And when that fails, sometimes you just have to trick them outright. When a simple trailer won’t do, you have to resort to a gimmick, and let’s be honest… some gimmicks are better […]


A Double Dose Of 3D Sharks With JAWS 3D & BAIT 3D!

Ah yes! Like most people, I celebrated my 4th of July by revisiting the masterpiece that is Steven Spielberg’s JAWS. But a few days prior to that, to get in the spirit, I also finally rewatched its second sequel, the 1983 Sea World-set JAWS 3! In 3D! And since I knew it’d be part of […]


Is COMIN’ AT YA The Greatest 3D Western Ever Made?!

Short answer, yes! If you’ve been keeping up with my articles here on the site, then you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m somewhat of a 3D junkie. And while I like Westerns, I wouldn’t consider myself an expert by any means. I do attend a monthly Western night at a friend’s place […]

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Check Out Hyaena Gallery’s Bold 3D Art Exhibit!

When it comes to bridging the gap between horror films, pop culture and art, we often turn to our friends at Hyaena Gallery who host monthly exhibits that manage to celebrate all three of those things in style. Last month, they had a pretty unique set-up for the Monsterpalooza convention here in Los Angeles, a […]


Alien Alert! Watching WITHOUT WARNING And PREDATOR 3D!

When it comes to curating weekly double features, sometimes you really have to go for it. And while I’ve previously paired up original horror movies with their remakes, and sometimes films with their sequels, this one was too fun an idea to pass up! I finally obtained Scream Factory’s release of the long-lost 1980 alien […]


Entering The 3rd Dimension With THE BUBBLE & GOG!

Last week’s venture into the 3rd dimension to experience the terrors of THE RING in SADAKO 3D left quite an impression on me. It was just a lot of fun sharing in that communal 3D horror experience with friends. So I decided to double down on this week’s Double Take and go full 3D for […]


Talkin’ Tracks – The Full Scoop On THE MASK 3D Soundtrack Release!

“Put the mask on now…” In 1961, director Julian Roffman unleashed The Mask (aka Eyes Of Hell) upon the world. The Mask carries the distinction of being the first Canadian 3-D horror movie ever made and since it’s initial release it has become a certified cult classic. I have only just seen the film thanks to […]


5 More 3D Blu-Ray Recommendations

Yesterday, I gave you 5 recommendations to kick off your home 3D movie collection. But that wasn’t enough! If you become a 3D junkie like myself, you’ll immediately want to add as many of the best and most impressive titles as possible to show off to your friends whenever they’re over. Or if you just […]