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The 31 Best Horror Movie Quotes of All Time!

In celebration of October, we have been counting down our selections for the 31 best horror movies quotes of all time on the Blumhouse Facebook page. Here are all 31 of our choices listed below. What quotes did we miss?’s 31 Greatest Horror Movie Quotes #31- “You’ll never get credit for my research. […]

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31 Horror Films For October: Editor-in-Chief Rebekah McKendry’s Picks

As has already been mentioned by my SHOCK WAVES co-hosts Elric Kane (check out his list here) and Rob G (read his list here), we cover a vast amount of horror movies every week on the SHOCK WAVES Podcast. And every show, I leave with a few titles I have not yet seen jotted down […]

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31 Horror Films for October: Elric Kane (Co-Host, Shockwaves Podcast)

Each week on Shock Waves, we recommend a ton of horror movies, but because our audience is truly insatiable, we’ve each been asked to create a personalized viewing list of 31 films to watch this October. This is not a list of my favorite 31 films (though many are on both lists). It’s a curated […]