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Did You Know the Show BOB’S BURGERS Was Supposed to Be About a Family of Cannibals?

We at are very familiar with cannibals in media. From CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, EAT, WE ARE WHAT WE ARE to the most recent RAW (where some TIFF attendees actually passed out and required medical attention), there’s something about the cannibal horror sub-genre that’s different than all the others. It’s visceral, personal, and at times even […]


The Most Must-Own Collectibles Coming Out On ALIEN Day

Whether it’s National Cat Day or National Corn Dog Day, it seems like every day has been turned into its own little mini celebration of SOMETHING. But very rarely do movies get their own days, with Star Wars Day (May 4th) being the only notable exception. Well, it WAS the only notable exception, but that […]