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10 Underrated Horror Films from the 2000s

At the turn of the century, advances in filmmaking technologies coupled with the rise of the Internet and streaming services like Netflix created a new Golden Age for horror movies. The sheer number of genre films available to aficionados swelled to epic proportions. The only downside to this glorious renaissance is that it became easier […]


6 Horror Gems You May Have Missed From The 2000s

Ah yes. The 2000’s. While most reflect back on the decade and primarily associate it with the “torture porn” sub-genre that came out of the SAW sequels and HOSTEL, there was actually a lot more that horror had to offer during that entire run. Sure, we saw a rise of remakes of every recognizable 80’s […]

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The Scariest Films of the 2000s

It’s October, and everyone is on a quest to find some highly scary viewing for the Halloween holiday. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working my way through the decades, highlighting the absolute scariest horror films from each. The new millennium brought some fresh horror movie trends including an onslaught of Asian remakes, torture […]

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10 More Horror Films from the 2000s that You May Have Missed

Last week, I collected a list of films from the 2000s that are sadly overlooked. Check out the first list here. In many cases these films just didn’t get the wide release or audience attention they deserved. Sometimes, the movies just weren’t brutal torture flicks which is where the predominant audience tastes were at the time. […]

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10 Killer Horror Flicks from the 2000s that You May Have Missed

Sure the 2000s just happened, but a lot of top-notch horror flicks got over-looked or just forgotten! One of the high points of the 2000s horror scene is that digital filmmaking was finally available to the mass populace causing a surge in the indie horror markets. With a saturation of horror films being released, many […]