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I have a confession to make: When I was a kid, I was a huge Michael Jackson fan — so much so that I took a little heat from it from other kids. Despite this, I was scared to death of the THRILLER music video. I grew up in a time when my Dad would […]


Exploring VIDEODROME: The Perfect Horror Film for the Modern Media Age

At this very moment, probably from right where you are sitting, you currently have direct and immediate access to more televised/filmed entertainment than you could perhaps watch over the course of a hundred lifetimes. Thanks to the internet, popular online streaming services, and an explosion of constantly-running cable TV networks, there is more entertainment being […]


Gregory Burkart Stares Into the EYES OF FIRE: The Witch Before THE VVITCH?

Since I came to live in Los Angeles, I’ve had amazing opportunities to check off quite a few items on my list of lifetime movie-going ambitions (I despise the term “bucket list,” because it creates unrealistic expectations). Some items on that list had once been relegated to the dusty storage locker of my memories… including the chance […]


Slashback! Future Celebs Line Up for Slaughter in 1983’s THE FINAL TERROR

As an unashamed fan of slasher cinema, I’m not one to look down my nose at early horror roles taken by actors who have moved on to relative celebrity status, and I hate those condescending “crappy movies famous actors would like to forget” type of stories… at least when it comes to this genre. Besides, most horror fans […]


Slashback! Revenge is Served Ice-Cold in 1983’s CURTAINS

Many slashers from the genre’s Golden Age — beginning with John Carpenter’s 1978 HALLOWEEN and continuing through the next few years — gained notoriety from memorable murder set-pieces (a tradition dating back to the Italian giallo, arguably the slasher’s closest cinematic relative); some noteworthy examples include Kevin Bacon’s bunk-bed skewering in FRIDAY THE 13TH or […]