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Check Out This Rare 1981 Teaser for POLTERGEIST

In a previous feature, I’ve delved into the strange but fascinating phenomenon of vintage horror trailers which feature little-to-no actual footage from the films they’re designed to promote, and in some cases become strange little experimental films in themselves, shot by separate directors and often featuring music borrowed from other film scores. This trend was […]


Slashback! School’s Out Forever on GRADUATION DAY (1981)

Ever since I developed a serious slasher-movie addiction during the Mom & Pop video store days of the 1980s, I can’t go long without a fix… and nothing scratches that itch better than a flick from the genre’s Golden Age, which loosely spans the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, hitting its peak of popularity during […]


Slashback! Australia’s LADY STAY DEAD Blends Home-Invasion Horror and Slasher Sleaze

If you assumed that Greg McLean’s WOLF CREEK was Australia’s first legit entry in the serial-killer subgenre, a majority of horror fans would probably agree with you… and the assumption would be totally understandable, because that film’s Outback psychopath Mick Taylor (played with sadistic skill by John Jarratt, pictured below with Cassandra Magrath) is one of the […]

From Page to Screen: Author Peter Straub Talks GHOST STORY

Two years before I moved from Michigan to California, I sat on the front porch of a house I shared with my two roommates, Hal Christiansen and Rich DeManincor (a.k.a. “Hal Delrich” of original EVIL DEAD fame), and read what would become my favorite horror novel of all time: Peter Straub’s genre landmark, Ghost Story. It was […]


Slashback! Linda Blair is Trapped in a Murder Mansion on HELL NIGHT (1981)

Long after her unforgettable performance as Regan MacNeil in THE EXORCIST, Linda Blair never really found a way to escape the confines of the horror and exploitation genres. Thankfully, she found steady work there throughout the ’80s… and while she may or may not not look back fondly on sleazoid cult classics like CHAINED HEAT, WITCHERY or […]


Slashback! Nubile Students Lose Their Heads at NIGHT SCHOOL (1981)

We’ve been singing the praises of winter-bound horror movies lately, and I’ve always been a fan of the claustrophobic, menacing atmosphere the chill of the season lends to any suspense tale… even humble slasher fare. Well, you can’t get much chillier than a winter in Boston — which just happens to be the setting for this […]


Slashback! This Sleazy Stalker Has the EYES OF A STRANGER (1981)

It’s time for this week’s bloodstained trip through the corpse-cluttered corridors of slasher history! Last week we dished up some cranberry-colored splatter for Thanksgiving in the form of the little-known ’83 gorefest BLOOD RAGE, and now we’re about to make you jump every time that phone rings… Despite hitting theaters at the absolute peak of […]