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When Max Headroom Mysteriously Hijacked Television

Max Headroom was originally a British character from a science fiction made-for-TV movie. This Ray Ban wearing digital revolutionary, introduced in 1984, was described as the world’s first computer generated TV host. Of course, he was mostly a synthesized version of actor Matt Frewer wearing prosthetic make-up.  From his TV movie beginnings, Max received his own […]

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Five Classic 1980s Horror Movies on Netflix

Break out the hair spray and the neon because we are taking a trip back to the 1980s. Netflix currently has five 1980s horror cannons on instant streaming. Many consider the 1980s to be one of the best decades of horror history, so let’s revisit the creature features, blood-spewing special effects, and franchises that the […]

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10 More Obscure 1980s Horror Movies You Need to See

A few weeks back, I explored ten obscure horror films from the 1980s that many fans may have over-looked or missed. Check out the first list here. Today, we are exploring another ten titles, all from the 1980s, and all much in need of a rediscovery, especially if you are a diehard 80s horror fan. […]

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Ten ’80s Slasher Posters That Are Better Than the Actual Movies

There’s nothing I love more than a good horror poster, but there’s a rule of thumb I’ve learned to follow: Don’t judge a slasher by its poster. Especially in the ’80s, publicity teams knocked out near works of art on a monthly basis in an attempt to get their films noticed amid the noise of the […]

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10 Lesser-Known 1980s Horror Movies You Need to See

The 1980s were known for big hair, neon colors, loud music, and also a massive boom in the horror genre. The advent of the VCR created a whole new market for rental tapes, and filmmakers could not churn out horror films fast enough to keep the ravenous fans satisfied. But because there was such a […]


THE QUEST is the Best 1980s Young Adult Adventure Horror You’ve Never Seen

I’d like to tell you about a story, one steeped in 1980s era nostalgia that makes direct references to E.T., JAWS, and POLTERGEIST all in the first 15 minutes. It’s a story about young adults forging bonds like the gang from STAND BY ME with a motley crew embarking on a mission more dangerous than […]


The 1980s Horror Anthology You Likely Missed: Exploring DEADTIME STORIES

The 1986 film DEADTIME STORIES is a horror anthology with a twisted take on the fairytales we remember from our childhood. All three stories, told by an annoyed babysitting uncle at his nephew’s bedtime, are on the surface tongue-in-cheek parodies, but they have a lot to offer. Each story is a unique interpretation of these old […]

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1980s Kids Movies That Are Actually Horror Movies in Disguise

For those of us who came of age in the 1980s and 1990s: Remember video stores? Remember running to the Horror section to rabidly consume new releases and classics alike? Remember feeling like you’ve seen every single horror movie in the entire store? What did you do then? Did it occur to you to venture […]

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The Wild, Gross, Gooey History of Madballs!

Something parents often fail to acknowledge is how much little kids have a gross-out sense of humor. Oh sure, parents have to bear the unending brunt of booger and fart jokes from their second-grade sons and daughters and live among the unending tide of armpit noises and fake belches. But the instinct, for parents, is to quell […]

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Ten More 1980s Horror Movies You Likely Haven’t Seen

A few week’s back, we posted a list of rare 1980s horror movies. These were all either under-appreciated, received less-than-stellar distribution deals, or for several of them, they never made it past a VHS release and have long since been forgotten. Check out our prior list here.  And we have added 10 more below, some […]


Ten 80s Horror Movies You Likely Haven’t Seen

Oh the ’80s! They are considered by some to be one of the golden ages of horror, filled to the brim with slashers, monsters, and eye-popping special effects. But not all ’80s horror films became the stuff of legend. Some, though quite good, never received proper releases, never became available outside of international territories, or […]



I have a sneaking suspicion that my mom won’t be very happy about this, but it’s true: I wouldn’t be who I am today without THE MONSTER SQUAD, a 1987 box office bomb about pre-pubescent horror enthusiasts who fight Dracula. Let me explain. In the 1980s the tide was turning in popular culture. After the […]


Horror Movies Banned in the UK: Getting to Know the Video Nasties!

Cannibals, criminals, and more than a few chainsaws. You know the stories, you recognize the images, and it is impossible for you to forget the characters. It is no secret that modern horror grew into its big-girl-pants in the 1980s, but did you know that the staples of the horror genre required defending in many […]