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Shock Waves Logo presents SHOCK WAVES: Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo (Senior Editor:, FEARnet, Icons Of Fright), Elric Kane (This Week In Horror, Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (Editor In Chief:, Fangoria) for a weekly discussion and analysis of all facets of the horror genre! SHOCK WAVES puts the focus on the latest horror films, retrospectives on classic titles and welcomes very special guests for all aspects of the industry to tackle a variety of topics and give listeners candid insight into how some of the best genre films are made. Blumhouse Director of Development Ryan Turek (formally managing editor of Shock Till You Drop) will also be checking in every episode with his horror pick of the week! SHOCK WAVES is here to quench your insatiable thirst for all things horror! The Deep End of Horror!

Episode 113: Panos Cosmatos' First Podcast!

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, and Rebekah McKendry as they discuss the latest horrors! Rob reports back from Frightfest in London where he caught ANNA & THE APOCALYPSE, UPGRADE, CLIMAX & more. Elric and Bekah caught this week's big box office victor THE NUN! Bekah's been researching thrillers and watched MUTE WITNESS. And the entire gang saw MANDY, the latest film from our special guest writer/director Panos Cosmatos! We welcome the helmer of MANDY and BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW for his first ever podcast appearance to talk about his early filmmaking days, the long road and inspiration to get MANDY made, working with Nicolas Cage, and much, much more! Kick back, relax, and join the conversation! 

Episode 112: Gigi Guerrero & Rue Morgue's Andrea Subissati

Episode 112 is here and Shock Waves is welcoming our Canadian horror pals to the show. Kick back and listen to filmmaker Gigi Guerrero, of Luchagore Productions, and Andrea Subissati - from Rue Morgue Magazine and the Faculty of Horror podcast - as they delve into a variety of topics.

But, before all of that, hosts Ryan Turek, Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane take you through their thoughts on films like Slaughterhouse Rock, Upgrade, Miss Leslie's Dolls, Hocus Pocus and more! We hope you enjoy...

Episode 111: Go Behind-the-Scenes of CryptTV!

Aspiring filmmakers, you'll want to tune in to this episode as Jack Davis and Kate Krantz talk about their scary short film empire CryptTV. The two reveal what makes this digital company tick, what they're looking for, what horror films are taking off in the YouTube space and more.

But first, your Shock Waves hosts - Robert Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry - have a lot of ground to cover in the way of horror both in film and in print.

Rebekah dives in with her assessment of RIKI-OH: THE STORY OF RICKY; Rob G. takes a trip into the vampire-laden 3D landscape of PRIEST; Ryan revisits some mid-'90s John Carpenter with VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED; and, Elric takes a step into THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD aka ALIEN ZONE. DEEP RISING, a DARKMAN sequel and the comic books NAILBITER and BEAUTY are the topic of conversation, too! We hope you enjoy.


Episode 110: Birthday Shenanigans with Udo Kier!

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Ryan Turek, and Rebekah McKendry as they celebrate Rob's birthday with very special guest Udo Kier! But first, the latest horrors! The gang reviews THE MEG, PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH, BRAINSCAN, OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN, SUMMER OF '84, GHOSTED and much more! Udo Kier is on to tell us stories about working with Lars von Trier, Andy Warhol, Paul Morrissey, Gus Van Sant, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Jim Carrey, and many more! Kick one back and Udo take you away! 

Episode 109: Talking Metal & Horror With Brendon Small!

The Shock Waves hosts are back in the studio to discuss the latest horrors, including a rare FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 screening in 3D, Hulu's CASTLE ROCK, DEAD NIGHT, THE WITCH IN THE WINDOW, STUNT ROCK, Scream Factory's RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD PART 2, and more! Then we welcome to the show Brendon Small! The creator of the animated series HOME MOVIES, METALOCALYPSE, and the band DETHKLOK joins us to talk heavy metal in horror, King Diamond, and more! Kick back, turn us up to eleven and enjoy the conversation.

Episode 108: Tom Holland, Vampires, Live from Midsummer Scream!

On this week's show, Shock Waves is broadcasting live from the acclaimed MidSummer Scream Convention in Long Beach, California! Rebekah and Elric are joined by the legendary Tom Holland (FRIGHT NIGHT, CHILD'S PLAY), filmmaker Dave Parker (THE HILLS RUN RED), and horror guru Ryan Larson (as well an enthusiastic live audience) for a discussion about their favorite vampire films through-out history. Get ready for crazy Hollywood stories and a few killer vampire titles you've likely never heard of. 

Episode 107: Scream Factory On SDCC 2018 Announcements!

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, and Rebekah McKendry as they talk the latest horrors! Elric signs off on TO HELL & BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY, THE SINNER on Netflix, LIKE ME and LUZ. Bekah checked out NERVE, ALLIGATOR and the graphic novel REVIVAL. Rob raves about LOWLIFE, THE UNSEEN and MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN! Then, we welcome back to the show Jeff Nelson and Cliff MacMillan from Scream Factory! We delve into all 14 titles announced at SDCC 2018, including CANDYMAN, the CRITTERS collection, URBAN LEGEND, SINGLE WHITE FEMALE, THE CRAFT, SLEEPWALKERS, STARMAN, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 2 and more! They also discuss CREEPSHOW, THE EXORCIST 2, SCREAM FOR HELP and drop other tidbits about the future of Scream Factory!

Episode 106: Live from Mad Monster Party, AZ with Felissa Rose & Amanda Wyss!

Join host Rob Galluzzo live from the Mad Monster Party convention in Arizona as he welcomes special guests Felissa Rose (SLEEPAWAY CAMP) and Amanda Wyss (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) onto Shock Waves! The trio discuss everything from Felissa and Amanda's respective horror classics, what films scared them growing up, what the convention circuit has been like from their perspective, and much, much more! Kick back, relax, and join the conversation! 

Episode 105: Dead Right Horror Trivia!

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, and Rebekah McKendry as they embark on a game of Dead Right Horror Trivia! But first, the latest horrors! Elric and Bekah both report back on ALIEN PREDATORS (1987). Bekah caught THE FIRST PURGE, and has been watching THE FORREST on Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, Rob's bringing the new Michael C. Hall show SAFE. Elric talks KWAIDAN, THOROUGHBREDS, CALIBER and THE CITY OF THE DEAD! Then Bekah brings on her trivia co-host Jared Rivet, along with special guests Brian Collins (Birth Movies Death) and Paula Haifley to compete against Rob & Elric in Dead Right Horror Trivia! Join in on the fun! 

Episode 104: Talking Horror Fiction with Paul Tremblay!

Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Elric Kane, and Rebekah McKendry are all back to talk about the latest horrors! Ryan checked out THE FIRST POWER and season 2 of SLASHER. Elric tells us about the long lost DOOM ASYLUM! Bekah watched LET THE CORPSES TAN and THE CALLER from 2011. Rob experienced the madness of SHOCKING DARK, as well as Arrow's new LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT Blu-Ray. Then the gang welcome author Paul Tremblay to discuss horror fiction, his books A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS and THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD, and his life long love of the genre! Kick back, relax, and join the conversation!



In honor of July 4th, the Shock Waves crew is celebrating JAWS in this bonus episode with a special sneak preview of the INSIDE JAWS podcast, hosted by Mark Ramsey! INSIDE JAWS takes you on an immersive journey through the making of 1975’s pulse-pounding hit film JAWS, the first-ever summer blockbuster. Subscribe to INSIDE JAWS on Apple Podcast today or hear the first 5 episodes at

Episode 103: Horror-Adjacent Films with David Sandberg & Brea Grant!

This week, your hosts Rob Galluzzo and Rebekah McKendry are joined by 2 very special guests David Sandberg (LIGHTS OUT, ANNABELLE: CREATION, SHAZAM) and Brea Grant (Reading Glasses Podcast, THE ARRANGEMENT)! The entire gang discuss a series of movies that are "horror-adjacent," such as JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM, REVENGE, UNSANE, LOOK, HOTEL ARTEMIS and SHOCKING DARK! We also get the news on their latest projects! Kick back, relax and join the conversation! 

Episode 102: Make-up FX Artist Chris Nelson!

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Rebekah McKendry, and Elric Kane as they welcome special guest make-up FX artist Chris Nelson! But first, the latest horrors! The gang report back from Etheria Film Night 2018. Elric and Rob braved the madness of LIQUID SKY, while Ryan tackled NINJA III: THE DOMINATION! Bekah investigated the insect based terrors of LARVA and THE THAW. Rob checks out the ABOMINABLE Blu-Ray, while Elric talks about animated flick FEAR(S) OF THE DARK! Christopher Allen Nelson joins us to talk about his long career in make-up FX, including redesigning the new Michael Myers mask, KILL BILL, SUICIDE SQUAD, cult films like FREAKED, and much much more! Kick back, relax and join the conversation!

Episode 101: Analyzing Tubular Bells, The Theme From THE EXORCIST!

On episode 101 of Shock Waves, your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, and Rebekah McKendry are joined by special guest Christian James Hand to do a deep dive analysis of "Tubular Bells" by Mike Oldfield, known by most horror fans as the theme to THE EXORCIST! But first: the latest horrors! The entire gang sign off on HEREDITARY and the highly anticipated HALLOWEEN trailer! Rob checked out WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK & Scorpion's new DEATH SHIP Blu-Ray. Elric watched STEPFATHER 2 & 3, as well as Arrow's new release of Abel Ferrara's THE ADDICTION. Bekah reports back on HELL HOUSE LLC and THE VINEYARD. Then we're joined by radio DJ and creator of The Session On Air Christian James Hand, who walks us through a story teller version on the history of "Tubular Bells," one of the most epic pieces of music ever recorded! You will never hear it the same after this! Kick back, relax, and join us!

Episode 100: The Shock Waves 100!

Buckle up for an epic episode. You've heard hosts Robert Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and Ryan Turek talk about "Shock Waves Approved" titles. These are horror movies that all four hosts agree demand your attention. With this episode, they've prepared the Shock Waves 100. One hundred movies. All "Shock Waves Approved." And they're going through the list title by title. Before that, however, they trip down memory lane, reflecting on their favorite Shock Waves guests and more. Tune in now!

Episode 99: Graham Skipper & Video Game Horrors!

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Ryan Turek, and Rebekah McKendry as they talk the latest horrors! Elric braves ZOMBIE 5: KILLING BIRDS, THE CARPENTER (1981) and WELCOME TO SPRING BREAK. Ryan tells us about SPASMS, DARK TOWER (1989), and DALAW (2010). Bekah's on a TV binge with TOKYO VAMPIRE HOTEL and PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK, and also checked out REMOTE CONTROL (1988). Rob watched the long sought after "found footage" film THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES. Then the gang welcome back to the show Graham Skipper, the director of the new Shudder exclusive SEQUENCE BREAK! We talk video games in horror movies, and then horror video games! Kick back, grab your game controller and join the conversation! 

Episode 98: Scout Taylor-Compton

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, and Ryan Turek as they catch up on all the latest horrors! Rob and Elric talk Severin Films ZOMBIE 3 & 4. Ryan and Rob both checked out BLOOD HOOK and the new Netflix original CARGO. Elric tells us about SCALPEL, while Ryan reports back on the BUBBA HO-TEP & THE COSMIC BLOOD-SUCKERS comic book, and Rob checks out the new blu-rays for THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW and THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING. Then we welcome very special guest Scout Taylor-Compton to the show! She tells us about her latest horror film FERAL, her experiences on both of Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN films, growing up the daughter of a mortician, imaginary friends, working in the TV world, tackling directing, portraying Lita Ford and much, much more! Kick back, relax, and join the conversation! 

Episode 97: The Endless with Benson & Moorhead

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Ryan Turek, and Rebekah McKendry as they report back from Texas Frightmare Weekend, and catch up on all the latest horrors!

Rob attended an anniversary screening of HALLOWEEN 4, talks Vinegar Syndrome's BLUE VENGEANCE and Arrow's THE THING release. Ryan saw ANGUISH (1987), TERRIFIER, and revisited IT'S ALIVE. Elric got to experience LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH on the big screen, and tells us about Severin Films' ZOMBIE 3 and THREADS releases. And Bekah went BEYOND THE SEVENTH DOOR, to JP Monroe's sleazy nightclub with HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH, and checked out ALTERED HOURS. 

Then we welcome special guests Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson to the show! The filmmakers behind the upcoming THE ENDLESS, as well as SPRING and RESOLUTION detail the evolution of their filmography in this candid, informative chat. Kick back, relax, and join the conversation! 

Episode 96: The Scariest Horror Films 1970 - 2018!

This is it! Your hosts Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry, Ryan Turek and Robert Galluzzo are revealing the films that scared them. The assignment is simple: The four each chose a single title from each decade (beginning with the '70s) they felt was the scariest film from that time and the backdrop for this conversation could not be better...

Yes, this is our LIVE episode from Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas! Get ready for a wild, humorous discussion and get those pencils and notepad ready, you're going to want to take notes on the films mentioned here.

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Episode 95: Barbara Crampton, Jenn Wexler & Owen Egerton

Shock Waves is live at the Overlook Film Festival, recording in the heart of New Orleans' haunted Bourbon Orleans Hotel.

Co-host Ryan Turek was on the ground in the French Quarter and he invited actress/producer Barbara Crampton (RE-ANIMATOR, co-star of the upcoming PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH) and directors Jennifer Wexler (THE RANGER) and Owen Egerton (Rooster Teeth, BLOODFEST) to join him in a thoughtful conversation about the horror genre you do not want to miss.

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