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Check Out These MUST OWN Horror Candles!

As die-hard horror fans, I think it’s just programmed into our DNA that we must collect and all cool looking horror related stuff. But sometimes, these hobbies of ours can get expensive! While there’s always a slew of companies producing amazing sculpts, busts and model kits, what alternatives are there for those of us that […]

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The 5 Best Recent Horror Tabletop Games

Have you been swept up in the tabletop game renaissance yet? If you’re a fan of horror you have no excuse not to dive in, and there are plenty of games with much to offer fans of darker, bloodier material. Here are five of the best recent titles. Eldritch Horror Designed by: Corey Konieczka and […]


The Strange Story of How Gizmo Became a Furby

As parodied in the holiday classic JINGLE ALL THE WAY, a staple of each and every Christmas season is the “it” toy of that year – the one that kids demand and parents break their backs trying to find. In 1998, the hottest holiday toy on shelves was the Furby, an electronic pet released by […]


Toy Terror: Sharing my GERMS with the World!

It was the 80’s and spooky/gross toys were all the rage. Madballs, Boglins, My Pet Monster, Slime, Gak, Garbage Pail Kids…I annoyingly and systemically begged my parents until my room was filled with all these wonderfully gruesome amusements.