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“Crossing The Abyss” – A Dark Art Exhibit

“We have such sights to show you!” The beautiful thing about art is that it can transport us to worlds we could never possibly imagine ourselves. It’s that subjective quality, paired up with our own life experiences that makes ever piece of art we encounter mean something different to the viewer. That’s what I love […]

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10 Tasty Cannibal Film Recommendations

With the recent release of Eli Roth’s GREEN INFERNO, horror fans are hearing a lot about the Italian cannibal films that Roth pulled much of his inspiration from, including hits like CANNIBAL FEROX, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, and MAN FROM DEEP RIVER. But cannibal terror is not isolated to the undiscovered jungles of foreign locales. Cannibals are […]

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This Vintage Chair May Carry a Deadly Curse

At the turn of the century, a forger named Daniel Awety bought a rural property in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. His son-in-law, Thomas Busby, joined him in his illicit business. Busby was allegedly a bully, and stumbled home from the pub to find Awety seated in his favorite chair. The two argued, and Awety threatened to […]

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Test Your Horror Trivia Knowledge! Dead Right Horror Trivia Night Recap and Quiz!

Every month in Los Angeles a group of a hundred or so like-minded horror gurus gather to play the ultimate horror-themed pub trivia game, each team fighting not only for fantastic horror prizes, but also for the ultimate title of “horror trivia champs”. It is competitive, cut-throat, and a lot of fun! will be […]

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13 Lesser Known Zombie Films You Should See Now!

You may know all the classic Romero zombie films by heart. And you may be equally well-versed in contemporary zombie flicks like 28 DAYS LATER, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and WORLD WAR Z. But do these canons leave you ravenous for more undead? Check out our list of 13 lesser-known zombie films that still pack […]

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Thinking of Getting a Horror Tattoo? Read This First!

There is no better way to prove your devotion to something than having an image of it permanently and painfully etched into your skin by a grizzled-looking dude in a tank top. No matter how uncool your starting position, a nice tattoo has the uncanny ability to pull you up. Selecting a tattoo is, of course, a […]

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The Five Most Shocking Deaths on THE WALKING DEAD

Death is something that THE WALKING DEAD fan comes to expect. Some of them, like Shane and Lori, are not surprising, even if you haven’t read the comic. But others are sad, jarring, sudden – events that stick with you long after the episode ends. We’ve culled together some of the darkest, most upsetting character deaths from the past five seasons – you know, just in case your day is a little too happy.

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Are Silicon Valley Executives Practicing Witchcraft?

Yoga and meditation are common practices among executives, especially in the tech space. But a new age of New Age beliefs are taking ahold of Silicon Valley: witchcraft.

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Mondo Unveils Three Creeptastic CREEPSHOW Poster Designs

The graphic gurus at Mondo are opening October in style, by commemorating the classic 1982 Stephen King/George Romero anthology film CREEPSHOW with a new collection of limited-run posters. Let’s take a gander at the good stuff: This twisted interpretation is rendered by artist Boneface. The 18″x24″ screen prints are hand-numbered in a run of 225 at […]

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10 Other Movies Featuring Creepy Old Folks

Horror movies love to peg children as the perpetually creepy ones, but the elderly can certainly hold there own. As THE VISIT’s Nan and Pop Pop have become notable horror villains for 2015, let’s look back at some other disturbing examples of how the elderly dominated our nightmares!

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Real Life Painting Unleashes Supernatural Curse on Owners!

The stories of the Crying Boy paintings were all the same: a fire would break out in a home – almost always an explainable accident, like kitchen fire or bad wiring – and the Crying Boy paintings remained on charred walls, completely unharmed by the fire.

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HALLOWEEN Arrives Early With These New Fright-Rags Designs!

It may still be early in September but that doesn’t mean we can’t start celebrating Halloween now! Pre-order’s are now up on the Fright-Rag’s official website for a series of brand new shirts and baseball tee’s in honor of HALLOWEEN II and HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH! Based upon the 1981 sequel to John […]