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He Is Legend: The Legacy of Genre Icon Richard Matheson

There are certain names within the world of classic horror that embody the genre and its essence: Stephen King, John Carpenter,Vincent Price… and of course, author and screenwriter Richard Matheson. Though he passed away in 2013, Matheson’s indelible influence on the genre continues to endure.   Stephen King, Anne Rice, Brian Lumley, Harlan Ellison, Neil […]


From Wickest City in the West to Nightmarish Ghost Town: Jerome, Arizona

The town of Jerome, Arizona went from the absolute best to worst. It was considered a Boom Town where the plentiful copper created a one-billion-dollar industry. To keep the miners happy and in town, William Andrews Clark, the owner of Jerome and Arizona’s United Verde Copper Company, provided sufficient gambling, drinking, opium and female companionship to all […]