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Event Report: The Grand Opening of Jason Egan’s Vegas Haunt FRIGHT DOME!

Las Vegas local Jason Egan likes to cover all his bases when it comes to horror. Having served as Executive Producer on 2015’s BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, and more recently THE NEIGHBOUR, Egan — also somewhat of a haunt maestro — is the brainchild behind battleship U.S.S. Salem’s haunted ghost ship experience in Boston, another haunt that […]

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Step Inside One of Australia’s New WOLF CREEK-Themed Bars… If You Dare!

Ever fancied dropping in for a pint at the WOLF CREEK Roadhouse to take in an Aussie ale and perhaps witness sadistic serial killer, Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), in his natural habitat? Well, that is what STAN, Australia’s version of Netflix, has aimed to do with their WOLF CREEK pop-up bars that have been hitting the […]

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Five Frightening Features of L.A.’s Historic (and Possibly Haunted) Griffith Park!

Among Angelenos and tourists alike, L.A.’s famous Griffith Park is one of the standout attractions the city has to offer. Apart from being the location for a plethora of classic films (such as ARMY OF DARKNESS, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, and many more), the spectacular views and parkland-adorned walking trails make it difficult to imagine […]

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Could Your Next Date Be A Serial Killer?

According to Randy Meeks from SCREAM, sex equals death when it comes to horror, so it makes perfect sense that a serial killer should be strategically added into the equation at a speed-dating event aimed at those with a taste for the macabre. This cardinal rule was surely in the back of the mind of […]


We Attended Slamdance’s JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER Reunion Screening!

Slamdance Cinema Club continues its screenings of great fare, and this week was no exception when Hollywood’s Arclight Cinema hosted a screening of JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER. For those that missed this horror/comedy romp when it premiered back in 2007, it follows the story of Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews), an angry young plumber who has […]

Scary News was Invited to Try ‘THE DREAM’ Experience…And Found Fear

With Halloween behind us, it would be easy to assume that haunt season has come to an end. Fortunately, for me, the ride continues. Throughout September and October, I have witnessed many of the new mutations that have sprung up and evolved with the various adaptations of haunts that exist in Los Angeles, yet I […]

REIGN OF TERROR: An Elaborate Haunt with Heart

Sometimes one can’t help but feel a little disappointed when they pay an exorbitant amount of cash to stand in line for two hours only to walk through a haunt in a pseudo conga line for a measly five to ten minutes. Despite sometimes feeling like human livestock we keep coming back for more, thankfully […]

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Checking out CreepLA, a New Disturbing Haunted Experience!

There’s a new-kid-on-the-block in the ever-expanding world of haunts. CreepLA has opened its doors to reveal their take on the dark abyss of this creepy sub-culture. Creep LA is not your ‘run of the mill’ haunt. There are no zombies with chainsaws, ghouls or demons to be seen at this event. The fear that the […]

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Behind-the-Scenes of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION Haunted Car Video Shoot

This story is part of a series done in partnership between and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION. The final installment in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise hits theaters this week, and we here at Blumhouse are pretty excited. THE GHOST DIMENSION follows the Fleeges family who upon moving into their new home discover a rather interesting […]

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Our TOP 5 WTF Moments from the Upcoming HAUNTERS Movie

Recently was lucky enough to get an advanced sneak peek at the highly anticipated HAUNTERS – The Movie. This foray into the ever-expanding haunted house subculture is the first documentary about the current phenomenon of how traditional haunted houses created for Halloween have escalated into ‘full-contact’ extreme horror attractions that blur the lines between […]

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Interview…Kind of: My Strange Exploration of ALONE, An Existential Immersive Horror Experience

Last year, I was lucky enough to participate in the ALONE experience. For those that don’t know about this unorthodox event, ALONE is more of an ‘existential’ horror happening, choosing to take guests on a journey where they face their fears and lose themselves in the process. Last year’s trip to ALONE saw me doing […]


Jamie Kennedy Talks TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES

Michael Gross (TREMORS, FAMILY TIES) is back to battle Graboids in the fifth installment of the beloved TREMORS franchise, and this time he teams up with funnyman Jamie Kennedy (SCREAM, BOWFINGER) to save all mankind. Jamie caught up with Blumhouse to talk about “Ass Blasters,” Wes Craven and the appeal of deep-fried crickets… BLUMHOUSE: There […]

We Escaped (Barely) From PanIQ Entertainment’s INSANE ASYLUM!

With Halloween season in full swing, there is an abundance of haunts to be discovered and a plethora of escape rooms to abscond from. We here at Blumhouse like to think that we have the acute expertise to perform feats of Houdini-style prowess when it comes to escaping horror-related situations, so it was only fitting that we […]