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Tub Time Turns Terrifying in the Gruesome Horror Short BATH BOMB!

A glass of wine, mellow music and a steaming, candlelit bath… what could be more relaxing for the mind and body?

Just about anything, it turns out — at least for the unnamed protagonist (Sarah Nicklin) of the gory short film BATH BOMB.

Image Credit: Crypt TV

Fans of all things macabre have been enjoying spooky bath products years now, and we’ve covered a wide assortment of horror-inspired bath bombs over the past few years. But our creepy peeps at Crypt TV might make you think twice before making that self-indulgent Etsy purchase.

Directed and co-written by Matt McWilliams, the film follows the evening ritual of a woman who either purchases the title item, or perhaps receives it as a gift. Either way, over the course of three minutes, we get a harsh and horrific lesson in the (hopefully fictional) dangers of these fragrant fizzies.


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