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This Clip Seems to Show a Mysterious Stone Melting Metal on Contact

The following bizarre clip, which is said to have originated in Myanmar (a.k.a. Burma), has recently gone viral — thanks to the continuing mystery surrounding a mysterious black rock’s alleged ability to melt any metal object that touches it.

Apart from the video’s brief description, details have been scarce about the authenticity of the clip, in which a gloved hand is seen placing a large nail on the stone’s flat surface — after which it almost instantly melts into a thin stream of liquid metal.

Image Credit: The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 via YouTube

According to YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, who first posted the footage on April 16, the stone was found by a soldier who discovered its weird “powers” when his gun brushed its surface and began to melt.

Debate began almost immediately, with users noting that the stone may have already been heated to a very high temperature before the camera began rolling — thus explaining why the unknown tester is wearing heat-protective gloves.

Here’s the clip in question:

Others claim the rock and/or the nail may have been treated in a way that caused a chemical reaction, or that the “nail” was molded from a softer material that melts at low temperatures.

Without conclusive proof, the stone’s true properties remain a mystery… but either way, this clip is still strangely satisfying to watch.