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Woman Freaks Out as Daughter Talks to “Georgie” Down the Sink Drain

What began as a real-life scene out of Stephen King’s IT turned out to be something entirely different… but for a brief moment, an Ohio woman got a serious case of the creeps after finding her three-year-old daughter having a conversation with someone named “Georgie” in the plumbing below the bathroom sink.

We probably don’t need to recap the sewer-grate fate of a certain Georgie Denbrough in the opening of Stephen King’s classic novel and its two legendary screen adaptations, and we don’t even need to mention how IT’s iconic villain — often in the guise of Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, but also in the voices of his child victims — conversed with other characters through open drains. In fact, the character Bev Marsh’s IT encounter involving a sink drain is one of the story’s bloodiest, most terrifying moments.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Still, it’s essential to know enough about these scenes to make this real-life “re-enactment” particularly creepy… and pretty funny in retrospect.

Fear was the initial response from Bri, the girl’s self-described “awkward mom,” based on her recent tweet under the handle @BornToBriWild: “My three-year-old just made me crap my pants when she looked down our bathroom sink and goes ‘Hi Georgie.’”

Bri finally worked up the nerve to peer down the drain (“against my better judgment,” she notes) and see “who” exactly the girl was talking to…

…and discovered the girl was talking to a tiny toy figure of George, the cute little brother of beloved children’s book & cartoon character Peppa Pig. The toy was lodged in the bend of the drainpipe.

George, in case you’re unfamiliar with the Peppa books and shows, is rather fond of balloons — a trait he shares with his doomed namesake in King’s novel, who pays a steep price for accepting Pennywise’s offer.

Image Credit: Penguin/Ladybird Books

Bri then posted a follow-up video after George’s “rescue,” which left George a bit the worse for wear… and as the clip demonstrates, “the kid had to make it weird again.”

I love that kid’s evil laugh… and despite Bri’s insistence that she’s never seen a single horror film, I can’t help but wonder if she’ll be asking to dress as Pennywise this Halloween.