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Listen to Unexplained “Apocalyptic” Sounds in the Hawaii Skies

Over the past decade, there have been countless reports of ominous “sky trumpets” or similar unidentified sonic events from sites all around the world… but a recently-recorded chorus of deep, horn-like blasts from the skies over Hawaii’s Pahala Mountains is one of the most pronounced and disturbing examples of this phenomenon.

A YouTube video uploaded on April 3, 2018 by Snippins Video Productions contains a clear recording of the unsettling sonic event, which you can listen to here:

Snippins points out in the description that experts have offered many possible explanations for these sounds, but none have been conclusively proven. Most involve geologically-linked causes — including subterranean tremors, methane explosions or friction from shifting sands. They cite a paper by David Hill of the US Geological Survey, who says “it’s also possible some of these noises originate from above.”

Hill’s analysis has also been referenced by Snopes, where they include his suggestion that a sonic boom produced by a meteor impact with Earth’s atmosphere could be responsible for this kind of sound.

“You might think it unlikely that we would miss the flash of a meteor, but it’s not impossible… Because of the time required for a sonic shock wave to reach the Earth’s surface from the upper atmosphere, the visible trace of the meteor has usually vanished before its sonic boom is heard.”

Snopes acknowledges that many recordings of these so-called “sky quakes” around the world may be legitimate… but their origins remain unexplained.

As one would expect, many commenters note the “end-times” nature of the Hawaii recording (which does vaguely sound like a chorus of incredibly large horns), while others suggested the sounds were of possible alien origin.

Purely for giggles, I’m going to side with the user who left this single-word comment: “Godzilla.”