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Drunk Tourist Goes Bonkers, Dives Into a Pool of Hungry Crocodiles

Boozed-up barflies making a ruckus don’t usually make headlines… unless the troublemaker in question does something horrifically stupid.

That’s what happened last week at the River Brewing Company in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, where 21-year-old Collin Miller thought it would be fun to climb a fenced-off enclosure and dive into a pool — apparently unaware of three massive crocodiles waiting there for him.

According to the Zimbabwe Chronicle, witnesses saw Miller run through the brewery’s kitchen, from which he jumped out a window and climbed a barrier surrounding a small pond on the property next door, where the crocs are kept as a local attraction. The man ripped off his shirt and immediately jumped into the water below.

Other guests were horrified as the six-foot-long creatures went into a feeding frenzy; one promptly ripped off Miller’s arm, while another tried to crush his head in its huge jaws.

Miraculously, Miller survived the attack when the reptiles begin fighting for possession of the severed limb — allowing just enough time for two rescuers from the Crocodile Cage Diving Company to pull him out.

Miller was rushed to Chinotimba Medical Centre, then airlifted to a private hospital in South Africa. As of this writing he remains in stable condition.

The Chronicle reports the man had traveled from Zambia to Victoria Falls, where he had planned to attend a friend’s wedding. I hope he wasn’t the Best Man…