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Watch the “Faceshopping” Video That’s Terrifying Viewers Worldwide

I can’t recall sharing a music video this deranged since Valentino Khan’s “Deep Down Low” unleashed Hentai tentacles from the eye-sockets of restaurant patrons [watch it here if you don’t mind tripping balls for a few minutes].

The latest visual project from DJ, producer and electro-pop artist SOPHIE (who co-directed with Aaron Chan), FACESHOPPING is an elaborate lyric video for her recent single of the same name.

It’s not quite as complex as the aforementioned Khan clip, but just as mind-blowing, not to mention potentially seizure-triggering.

[Seriously, don’t watch if you’re sensitive to strobe light effects, which start flashing immediately].

Not since Chris Cunningham’s infamous and mega-disturbing Aphex Twin video RUBBER JOHNNY has a human face been so violently distorted in the name of art.

What appears to be a rubber-mask-like CGI render of the artist’s features gets inflated, deflated, turned inside-out, sliced into cutaway segments, and eventually melted into a formless pile of flesh-colored goo… and it all flashes past your eyes before the thought “WTF did I just see” has time to register.

The song’s lyrics are basic, but combined with the nightmarish visuals, it carries off the artist’s central theme of our “shopped” online persona (digitally filtered to impress our online friends & followers) and the way these ideal “faces” become commodities traded for fame and cash (“My face is the real shopfront; My shop is the face I front”).

The song & video’s message is particularly relevant now — especially considering the whole Facebook/Cambridge Analytica nightmare making headlines this week — but even if that theme doesn’t quite come through, I’m betting you won’t soon forget the horrific images that go with it.