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This Chicken Reportedly Lost Its Head 2 Weeks Ago… and It’s Still Alive

This isn’t the first documened case of this weird and gross phenomenon, but it’s definitely been a while since it made news… and you’re probably grateful for that. But since it’s part of my job to unearth weird and disturbing stuff, I’m gonna drop some icky info you might not have stumbled upon willingly. You’re welcome.

Image Credit: MCOT via YouTube

In the Thai province of Ratchaburi, an unnamed farmer’s chicken has been making headlines for a very interesting reason: it was decapitated nearly two weeks ago, and as of this writing, it’s still walking around alive, like nothing major happened.

The bird was first taken in by veterinarian Supakadee Arun Thong, who began pumping food and antibiotics down its throat through a syringe. The grisly headless wonder then became an international viral sensation after user Noppong Thitthammo posted images of it on Facebook.

“I have to admit that this chicken is a true warrior with a very tough heart,” the vet told Thai News Agency. The bird’s health is now being looked after by a group of monks who adopted it and will continue caring for it for as long as it lives.

The only previous documented case like this goes back to Utah in the mid-1940s, when a decapitated fowl survived 18 months without a head. Scientists confirmed the animal was indeed functional, due mainly to the fact that a chicken’s hind-brain is far back enough in its head to remain intact when the front is removed — thus keeping basic autonomic body functions alive.