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Want to Buy One (or More) of These Horrifying Wax Mannequins?

If you’re in the market for a high-end prop for your Halloween haunt — or just want to decorate your home with the most nightmarish conversation piece ever — then Dana DiCicco has a deal for you.

Dana’s uncle, former manager of the Amish Farm and House in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has a storage room filled with 40 life-size wax dummies from the Lancaster County Wax Museum — figures which had previously been on display at the site for many decades — and she’s now selling the mannequins on Craigslist, on her uncle’s behalf.

DiCicco told the Philadelphia Inquirer the figures never scared her when she was a child… but now seeing them clustered together in a dark room is starting to unsettle her.

“When I went to see them in storage, they definitely looked creepy,” she said. “It looked like a scene from the Gettysburg battlefield.”

The Craigslist ad posts the prices as $350 apiece for most of the adult figures (which stand about 5 ½ feet tall), and the children and dog set for $300… but DiCicco would ideally prefer to sell them as a complete set, as her uncle would like to see them used “for historical reasons.”

Some of these figures were designed to move, DiCicco said: “The one with the hat and a beard, he would speak.” (I shudder to think what he’d say now.) The dog is also animatronic.

The wax museum was opened in 1969 by Earl Clark, the proprietor of a highway attraction called “Dutch Wonderland,” and featured life-size dioramas from the region’s history — which included likenesses of William Penn and Ben Franklin — as well as depictions of Amish traditions like barn-raising (most of the figures shown here are from that scene). The majority of the pieces were auctioned off when the business closed in 2006, and the property’s new owners were uninterested in keeping the museum intact.

Which leads us to this storeroom filled with nightmares — in the form of eerie, dead-eyed relics of a bygone era. It’s hard to imagine these figures once delighted children, but DiCicco claims the creepiness of the stored figures is more due to “poor lighting” than their uncanny appearance… I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

As of this writing, many of the mannequins are still available… check out the Craigslist ad before they’re gone!