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An Evil Puppetmaster Pulls Bloody Strings in Crypt TV’s Short DO NOT

We can always count on the folks at Crypt TV to provide us with a steady stream of new and terrifyingly creative short films to showcase here, but one of their recent uploads would fit equally well in our Creepypasta category — as it’s got all the right ingredients for a viral horror classic.

It certainly helps that DO NOT is based on a story by Vincent Vena Cava, author of several genre novels and short horror fiction compilations (including Just a Little Terrible and Pastel Colored Dreams and Human Flavored Nightmares), and a regular contributor to Mr. Creepypasta — whose hugely popular YouTube channel (currently at 1.3 million subscribers) features well-produced narrative horror stories from the world of web lore and flash-fiction.

To reveal specific plot points of DO NOT would spoil the fun, but I’ll sum it up by saying it’s a macabre cautionary tale about a man whose “I do what I want” attitude comes back to haunt him… literally.


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