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Knife-Wielding Murder Clown Photobombs Couple’s Anniversary

I can never remember what gifts are traditionally given for each year’s anniversary. I know it’s silver for the 25th, gold for the 50th and diamonds for the 75th… but I’m clueless about all the years before and after, and I don’t really feel the need to look it up. My dad was right — I’d make a crappy wedding planner.

But here’s a tradition I can really get behind: Vincent Alexander’s wicked surprise gift to his wife Manda, celebrating their first year of marriage.

According to Mashable, it all began before the wedding itself, when Vincent asked his brother Matt to silently sneak into the background of the couple’s wedding photograph — while dressed as a crazed, knife-toting killer clown — and specifically requested that the photographer keep the clown’s presence a secret from Manda.

Thanks to this eerie-but-adorable conspiracy, Manda had no idea the horrifying figure was even there… until one year later, when Vincent presented the photo to Manda on their anniversary, and stood by to record her reaction:

In the clip above, Manda’s initial shock quickly gives way to amazement — so it seems the two are tuned in to the same macabre frequency.

Just like I’ve always said: nothing brings people closer together than hideous nightmare murder-clowns!