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VIDEO: This “Devil Doll” is Giving the Entire World Nightmares

The latest creepy video making social media waves reportedly originated in Brazil, and quickly went viral, even making multiple news headlines in Mexico as it racked up hundreds of thousands of views in less than a week.

The footage itself is short and simple, and doesn’t contain any suggestion of paranormal activity or mysterious sightings; it’s just unnerving as hell — especially if you’re not into terrifying, lifelike dolls that watch your every move.

Not quite as cuddly as the “pet goblin” recently spotted on a New York City subway, the doll in this clip is a vampire variant on the uncanny “reborn” style dolls, with tiny baby fangs and even his own little bottle of blood to snack on. He’s also perched on what appears to be an actual gravestone.

But that macabre touch isn’t what’s freaking people out in this video… instead, it’s all about that weird optical illusion where the eyes of a portrait seem to follow you around a room, no matter where you stand.

Image Credit: Kieran Jones via Facebook

The camera circles all around the doll, but its eyes seem to be following the person recording it.

That phenomenon alone seems to have given this clip a boost across social media, where people have been calling it “Doll of the Devil” and comparing it to Chucky… although it really has more in common with Damien of THE OMEN, or the killer mutant baby from IT’S ALIVE.