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VIDEO: Creepy “Ghost Train” Appears in CCTV Footage from China

The clip below allegedly surfaced online a little over a week ago, and is believed to contain security-camera footage from a railway station in the city of Baotou, China — footage which is currently being examined and debated due to its bizarre and still-unexplained images.

The viral video was recently uploaded to YouTube by paranormal site Hidden Underbelly, who attributes it to an unnamed security staffer working at the station at the time of the uncanny sighting. The source’s description of events was reportedly confirmed by other witnesses on the same shift.

“In the 12 years he has worked there, he has never seen anything like this before,” the uploader comments in the video details, “and hopes he never does again.”

In case you didn’t press play, the video above shows a commuter train pulling up to its destination platform, as one does… but apart from the glowing headlights, the entire train appears to be semi-transparent.

Naturally, viewers have come forward with possible explanations — from practical theories (a double-exposure created by recording over an older security tape, assuming they’re still using old technology) to wild speculation (the train is “phasing” in and out of view, possibly due to a secret cloaking experiment, or two alternate realities intersecting in this particular spot). But so far, no concrete evidence has been provided apart from the clip shown here.

Do you have any alternate theories of your own? We’d like to know!