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Watch the Chilling Short MANNEQUIN: a Lethal Leap Into the Uncanny Valley

We’ve showcased several short horror films from our friends at Crypt TV over the years, and their themes have ranged from morbid humor to dark fairytales or straight-up splatter. But the recently-premiered MANNEQUIN, from filmmakers Dante Aubain & Danny Summonte, may be one of the most unsettling films in their ever-expanding library.

With more emphasis on slow-burn dread than cheap jump-scares (although there are some well-earned shocks), the film is expertly shot by Aubain and features a haunting score and minimalist sound design by Summonte.

Image Credit: Crypt TV via YouTube

As with most Crypt TV releases, MANNEQUIN is less a story than a scenario — in this case involving a young man named Dylan (played by Summonte) who receives a package addressed from “Uncle Charlie,” containing a freaky-looking mannequin head with intensely staring eyes. To give away any more plot details would spoil the nightmarish twist; suffice to say Dylan should have written “RETURN TO SENDER” on the package immediately… or even better, set the whole damn thing on fire.

But he doesn’t, and… well, watch what happens (but turn your lights out first)!

Check out Crypt TV’s YouTube channel for more freaky flicks…


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