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Tommy Wiseau’s Joker Audition is the Freakiest Thing You’ll See Today [VIDEO]

Even if you’d never heard the name “Tommy Wiseau” before the docudrama THE DISASTER ARTIST made the rounds this awards season, you’re probably at least marginally aware of him now… and wondering what the hell’s the deal with this guy.

Actually, I’d wager you not only know Wiseau’s unforgettably wacko real-life persona (he’s still a top-trending meme), but are also aware of his equally-baffling debut feature THE ROOM — the making of which is the subject of DISASTER ARTIST, adapted from the book of the same name.

THE ROOM (Image Credit: Chloe Productions/TPW Films)

Released 15 years ago, THE ROOM has since developed a cult following rivaling that of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, and is quickly edging out PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE as top contender for “Worst Movie of All Time.”

Not only was this year’s Academy Awards the first time the words “Oscar” and “Tommy Wiseau” have ever been mentioned in the same sentence (unless by Wiseau himself), but the… uh… enthusiastic filmmaker is milking this bizarre alignment of circumstances for all it’s worth.


Not only is THE ROOM receiving a wide theatrical re-release, but Wiseau and collaborator (and DISASTER ARTIST co-author) Greg Sestero have embarked on a new film projects… all while Tommy is relentlessly plugging his incomprehensible image on every media platform he can find.

One such attempt is this completely bonkers “Joker Audition Tape” presented by Nerdist, in which the filmmaker fully demonstrates his very real obsession with playing The Joker in Todd Phillips’ upcoming BATMAN reboot.


Attempting to channel the late Heath Ledger’s iconic performance in THE DARK KNIGHT, Wiseau instead cranks his interpretation to 11 (both in volume and pure nuttiness), and makes you wonder how much of this routine is a character and how much is just busting out of some deeply troubled chamber within his mind. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t make that call.

Image Credit: Nerdist via YouTube

All I can say is Wiseau screams and cackles a lot in this clip (Sestero even stands in for Batman), and his line delivery makes me think he’s been guzzling lighter fluid or something. Basically, if you like to laugh at (or with) Tommy, you’ll want to share it with everyone you know.