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Washington Residents Stunned by Unexplained “Sky Explosion” [VIDEO]

Last week, residents of Grays Harbor County, Washington reported an intense flash of light in the night sky, accompanied by a massive boom which actually shook some people’s homes.

According to local news, the brilliant flash and a deep rumble were seen, heard and felt across the entire county.

“I live in Copalis Beach, and heard a boom and what felt like an earthquake roll through,” Tracy Tuzzolino told King5 News. In the same report, Grays Harbor resident Derek Hnilica shared a CCTV video of the flash:

“My wife got on Facebook and she came in and asked me if I seen the light or heard anything,” Hnilica told King5 News. “I went to my security camera and seen the big flash of light.”

Despite the lightning-like flash and thunderous rumble, the National Weather Service reported no severe weather in the area that night… but the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network did detect the activity on their meters at roughly 7pm last Wednesday — the same time the flash and boom were reported by multiple witnesses.


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