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Weather Camera Catches Eerie Swarming Lights Over Milwaukee [VIDEO]

Since it was first posted online, the following footage — recorded by a camera on WITI-TV’s broadcast tower in Milwaukee, WI — has quickly gone viral, sparking debate about whether the camera captured evidence of UFO activity.

The clip below, recorded in the early morning last Tuesday (followed by a similar recording on Wednesday), depicts a series of small but often bright lights darting back and forth over the Milwaukee skyline.

Trailing streaks as they move, the lights sometimes appear to be flying in formation, but frequently break off into individual flight paths.

Many theories have arisen in response to WITI-TV’s social media posts on the strange phenomenon — and not only from UFO enthusiasts. Some have claimed the lights are fireworks, though this seems unlikely, but one WITI reporter offered a possible explanation.

Image Credit: FOX6 News Milwaukee via Facebook

According to UPI, witness Amy DuPont filmed a large flock of seagulls near the Milwaukee County Courthouse at the same time the tower camera’s footage was recorded on Tuesday. The station’s morning news team suggested these light streaks may simply be those birds reflecting city lights as they circled above.

While this theory makes the most logical sense, the online discussion continues, with many commenters puzzling over why these “birds” would be glowing so brightly in reflected light.


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