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New Mexico Family Claims Their Security Camera Spotted a Ghost [VIDEO]

A family in Clovis, New Mexico got a surprise visit Monday evening… in the form of a creepy, spectral visitor.

According to a report from KRQE 2 News, Breanna Hernandez and her family were eating dinner when her husband caught a glimpse something eerie on one of their security video feeds, pointed toward the driveway of their duplex.

“My husband happened to look over right when the image popped up,” she told KRQE 2 News, “and he was like, ‘Was that a person?’ and then we were like, ‘No, no, no… that couldn’t have been.”

Image Credit: KRQE 2 News

Replaying the footage, they clearly spotted a pale, translucent figure streaking across the screen… but something wasn’t quite human about it.

“As soon as I saw it, my hair stood up,” Hernandez said. “I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

Upon closer examination, the couple noticed what they thought might be “either arms or legs going with the body as it goes by.”

The spookiest part isn’t in the clip above, however: Hernandez told reporters she suspects the property may be haunted by the spirit of a former resident, who died in his own home on the same corner lot. The man’s house was left vacant for a time, before being torn down to build new duplexes — one of which is now the Hernandez family residence.