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This Michigan Forest Footage Seems to Depict a Bigfoot-Like Creature

Submitted to YouTube channel NvTv by an unidentified “viewer” from Michigan, the video presented below comes with very little additional information — as is usually the case in countless Sasquatch sightings. But unlike most of the obvious fakes, there’s something about this footage which has triggered debate among cryptozoologists and various Bigfoot enthusiasts.

Personally, it’s just fascinating to me when I come across creepy, out-of-nowhere viral content like this. Check it out below and see for yourself:

Immediately following the intro, we see a large, dark and apparently hairy humanoid figure can be seen moving between the trees. At this distance, this could easily be dismissed as a performer in costume, but the camera operator does manage to get a closer, more defined shot. As the intro notes, however, our anonymous recorder is making a hell of a lot of noise as he approaches.

Since the video was posted, shares went wild, comments lit immediately… and the debate rages on. Even NvTv — a channel dedicated to acquiring and analyzing alleged Bigfoot sightings — prefaced the Michigan footage by pointing out how a real Sasquatch would have heard the hiker’s stomping:

“Bigfoot researchers say that these creatures will always hear and see you before you see [them],” the preface reads, “so the fact that he got this close to it… makes you think.”

Some comment threads assert that hoaxers deliberately keep the hairy subject out of focus or deep in shadow, or simply shake the camera around too much to get a clearly-defined image — which seems contrary to this case, where we get a fairly steady, sharp look at the creature… though there’s so little detail at this distance, it’s tough to determine if it’s just a tall person in a costume-shop gorilla suit.

To date, no one has come forward with any additional information that might help sort this out — even regarding the identity of the camera operator. But the online discussions have been… well, interesting, to say the least.