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VIDEO: Man Plays “Chicken” With a Giant Spider… Guess Who Wins?

Oh Australia, how we love you for stories like this… seldom a week passes without a headline describing daring confrontations between Aussies and venomous spiders, giant snakes, killer crocs, rampaging boars, legions of crabs, and a few creatures that could kill you in minutes, then go take a nap. But mostly, we love all the creepy spider stories — especially shockers like this.

Leroy Horton, a fisherman from Bondi, New South Wales, has that “I fear nothing” attitude that so many Aussies seem to share when it comes to creepy-crawlies… so when he came across a spider that appears to be of the highly-venomous and aggressive Huntsman species, he decided to engage the arachnid in a friendly little game — which he called “Who’s got bigger balls?”

By the time Horton realized the spider wasn’t really in the mood for his allegedly ballsy shenanigans (plus, arachnids technically don’t have balls), it was too late to back out… as indicated by his piercing scream when the critter suddenly leaps on him. Who knew, right?

Fortunately for the rest of us, Leroy recorded the encounter for posterity (or maybe to help next-of-kin identify him if things went south?) and posted it to Facebook — where it promptly gained viral fame from viewers seeking a real-life jump scare. So far the video has garnered thousands of shares and comments, some of whom either described Horton as “a madman” or complimented his excellent reflexes… but others are just some variation on “NOPE,” or the comment equivalent of soiling one’s underpants.