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Creepy, Ancient “Skeleton Spiral” Discovered Beneath Mexico City

This macabre but fascinating find comes in the wake of another amazingly spooky discovery in Mexico, in which divers mapped out a massive labyrinth of underwater tunnels in the Yucatan Peninsula — a site ancient Mayan priests once used to contact the underworld.

The haunting revelation comes from beneath the streets of modern Mexico City, which is built upon the ruins of previous civilizations — some of which date back thousands of years. It’s not uncommon for archaeologists to discover ancient burial sites among these subterranean ruins… but this find is unusually bizarre.

Image Credit: INAH/YouTube

As reported by LiveScience, an excavation beneath the campus of the Pontifical University of Mexico by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) revealed an odd arrangement of human remains: ten intertwined skeletons, their bones woven together to form a spiral pattern.

The director of the excavation, archaeologist Jimena Rivera Escamilla, suggests the spiral pattern could have had religious significance — and might possibly “symbolize the stages of life.”

The INAH issued a statement saying the burial pit — which is about 6.5 feet wide and estimated at 2400 years old — is the team’s “most peculiar finding” since 2006, when they began uncovering the vast and ancient settlement of Tlalpan, which dates back to the Preclassic period.

Not only is it the first gravesite with so many bodies from this era, but the skulls of these corpses — mostly young men and women, but including two very young children — also show signs of “intentional skull deformation” and other body modifications. While ritualistic deformation of children’s skulls was traditional in some ancient Mesoamerican cultures, the cause of these people’s deaths has yet to be determined.


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