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Texas Commuters Swarmed in Terrifying Real-Life Version of THE BIRDS [VIDEO]

Drivers in Mesquite, Texas recently found themselves trapped inside a real-world reenactment of Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic THE BIRDS, when several thousand feathered fliers nearly blacked out the skies above them.

The following video clip was recorded via phone by one of these commuters, whose car was stopped at a traffic intersection. Multiple times the birds seem to explode into motion from their perches in nearby trees and power lines, and continue circling in all directions as their high-pitched calls fill the air.

This specific location is claimed to draw birds in massive droves like this, around the same time of year — though, like in the film, no explanation has been given for their ominous behavior.

Luckily, unlike Hitchcock’s version — in which several residents of Bodega Bay, California are killed and maimed by malicious swarms of birds — no one in the area was harmed in this incident (that we know of). But it’s fair to guess it unsettled quite a few people…


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