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New Web Series # 3 MINUTE HORROR Delivers Micro-Dose Scares

It’s a crazy, scary world we live in… and if you’re anything like me, you probably find fictional frights strangely comforting. But between the chaos of day-to-day life and the never-ending gush of media hitting you 24/7, it’s hard to set aside more than a few minutes for a good scare… or even just a tiny case of the creeps.

UK filmmaker Dan Allen might have a quick and easy remedy for you, in the form of his YouTube horror anthology 3MINUTEHORROR, which launched at the top of 2018 and is now well underway.

True to its name, the series consists of three-minute webisodes; so far, a new entry drops every other week, but it looks like the rate might speed up soon.

All of these films are based on very simple but effective scenarios — conjuring the tone of urban myths and childhood nightmares, and even a nod to classic slasher flicks — with some clever new twists on familiar horror tropes.

As you know, the constraint of a short running time forces filmmakers to take a simple, straightforward and direct approach to set the proper mood, then ramp up the tension, deliver the punch and get out. Not everyone can manage this feat… but based on the first three entries at least, Allen seems to have it nailed down pretty tight so far. More, please!

Here’s the latest installment, TAP TAP — which I recommend viewing with headphones on: