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Capcom Offers Huge Cash Reward for Proof of “Real-Life Monsters”

Iconic gaming company Capcom has devised a pretty epic promotion for the recent launch of their new release MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD — they’ve teamed up with the UK’s Center of Fortean Zoology to offer a reward of £50,000 (around $70,000) for conclusive evidence proving the existence of one of 10 specific cryptids.

The list includes several infamous creatures we’ve covered previously on this site, and includes the notorious trio of Bigfoot, the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster, as well as mermaids or mermen (the latter being quite a hot topic lately, thanks to Guillermo del Toro’s award-winning THE SHAPE OF WATER). But it also includes a more diverse range of cryptids, including a few you may not have heard of before — the hideous “Mongolian Death Worm,” the blood-sucking Chupacabra, Scotland’s “Black Dog,” a.k.a. “Earth Hound,” Cornwall’s “Owl Man,” the “Flying Snake” of Namibia, and Australia’s “Yowie.”

Image Credit: iStock/Matt84

According to Capcom’s press release, cryptozoologist Jon Downes — whom they describe as “the world’s leading real-life monster hunter” — compiled the list, with the gaming giants posting the “bounty” for solid evidence of any of the creatures cited.

But Capcom’s Senior PR Manager Laura Skelly notes that it won’t be an easy task.

“Much like in the new MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD game, we thought it was only right that the scale of the reward fit the task at hand,” Skelly declared.

After all, as the late, great astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”