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Was This Haunted House Visitor Possessed by a Witch’s Ghost on Camera?

This story has everything you need for a seriously creepy movie: a centuries-old haunted house, which once served as a prison for accused witches; nocturnal goats and ghostly vermin on the prowl; alleged poltergeist and/or demonic activity caught on camera; and a paranormal investigator recalling the scariest night of his life.

Brad Mac of The Ghost Hunt UK knows a lot about “The Cage” – a house in St. Osyth village, Essex, which once served as a jail for accused witches during the Elizabethan era. It’s also the site of eight recorded deaths – including that of Ursula Kemp, who was executed for witchcraft in 1582. The Cage is understandably considered one of the most haunted locations in Britain, and one cold night last December, Brad and a fellow investigator explored the house, with a group of five volunteers.

Among those was a woman named Debbie, who joined the others in the house’s upstairs master bedroom (rumored to be the most haunted spot in the building) at around 3 am on December 2, to participate in an impromptu séance-like ritual. What happened next not only shocked Brad and his team, but now has online viewers freaking out… and for damn good reason.

“It wasn’t until I visited The Cage in St. Osyth that I captured what I consider to be my most terrifying piece of evidence yet,” Brad wrote at

First, he noted how his electromagnetic field sensor had spiked violently as the group went upstairs; mysterious light sources began to flicker (the room had previously been completely dark); he claimed something tried to pinch or bite his leg; and his colleagues heard a series of banging noises… followed by what one of the team members described as a “loud growl.”

That’s when Debbie began to physically change.

As you can see in the clip above – shot by Brad’s iPhone and posted this week by the UK Daily Mail – Debbie’s eyes become darker, glowing eerily in the night-vision light; her nose and fingertips elongate, and her mouth stretches into a horrifying grimace… just like the fairytale image of a witch.

But even after the alleged transformation, Debbie’s troubles weren’t over. Shortly after she left the master bedroom, she began to panic, talking about a burning sensation on her back, neck and shoulders… and when she pulled back the layers of warm clothing, she revealed a series of long red marks; it looked as if her skin had been clawed by a human-sized hand.

The previous occupant of the historic house, Vanessa Mitchell, moved out in 2012 following several alleged encounters with unseen entities – many of which she claimed struck her and pulled her hair, and even tried to push other people down the stairs. Mitchell also claims she saw a “shadowy figure” threatening her son Jesse – who was an infant at the time – and security cameras spotted a goat-like figure wandering around outside the house.

“The Cage is no joke,” Brad concluded, “and may just be Britain’s most haunted house. I will return there soon, fully geared up.”