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Do Photos Reveal an Ominous “Black Monk” Haunting This Medieval Castle?

Legends have circulated for years about a shadowy figure believed to haunt the grounds of Eynsford Castle, in the English county of Kent… and a recent set of photographs taken at the castle suggest those rumors might actually be true.

According to the Daily Mail, Jon Wickes was touring Eynsford with his son Harry, taking several photographs of the historic castle. But when the pair examined the images later, they were shocked to find a strange figure in one of the shots… a strange, shadowy shape resembling a caped or hooded figure directly facing the camera.

“I’m not sure if it’s a ghost or not,” Wickes told the news site. “I’m never really freaked out by that sort of stuff. At first, I wondered if it was just a trick of the light… [but] everyone who’s seen it is interested in it because many think it is a ghost.”

Image Credit: Richard Nevell/Wikimedia Commons

Wickes claims that he knew nothing about the local legend of the ghostly monk until he looked up information about the castle online, where he learned the story of its original custodian, William de Eynsford, who had supposedly retired to become a monk late in his life.

Thinking there might be some connection to this story, Wickes showed the photo of the hooded figure to paranormal researcher Alan Tigwell, who went to the castle to gather further evidence. Tigwell declared the image to be “fantastic,” but it does not represent conclusive proof yet.

Image Credit: Richard Nevell/Wikimedia Commons

“The difficulty with looking at things retrospectively is that it’s impossible to say exactly what something is,” Tigwell commented, noting there may be solid historical background supporting the “Black Monk” legend. “All I can say is that there wasn’t anything in the castle itself that could explain that picture.”

Wickes claims to have had a previous supernatural experience in 1995, following a motorcycle accident in which he was clinically dead for a brief period before being revived… during which he claims to have seen a vision of his late grandfather beckoning him back to life.