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Group Claims to Have “Overwhelming” Evidence of Bigfoot in California

An organization of Sasquatch enthusiasts is so convinced this supposedly mythical cryptid is a genuine species, they’re preparing to go to court with new evidence to prove it.

Todd Standing of Alberta represents a Canadian branch of this organization, which also claims many members in California. That group issued a petition to the state last week to legally recognize the creature’s existence… and Standing claims he’s got strong evidence to back up his case.

“There’s a date set [for the hearing, currently slated for March 19], so we’re going in with PhDs, with wilderness experts beyond myself, with wildlife biologists, with fingerprint experts,” Standing told Global News Canada. “We’re going to prove so beyond a reasonable doubt that this species exists.”

Image Credit: Gravitas Pictures

He also claims to possess DNA and hair samples that will prove beyond doubt that Sasquatch is a real, living animal species indigenous to much of North America.

If the group wins this case, Standing believes that state, local and even perhaps federal authorities would be required to “start recognizing this species and studying them, doing biological surveys.” He also plans to go forward with similar legal actions in Alberta.

“We can’t lose,” he concluded, citing the newfound evidence he plans to present to the courts. “How can we lose?”

Check out the trailer below for Standing’s documentary DISCOVERING BIGFOOT, which recently premiered on Netfllix.