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Ghost Hunters Question an Alleged Poltergeist… and Get an Unexpected Reply [VIDEO]

Paranormal investigator Kyle Thompson is a former soldier and doesn’t scare too easily… so when he gets a little freaked out, I’m thinking his fellow ghost-hunters should pay very close attention to their present situation.

One notable and unsettling example is an incident Thompson’s team recently captured on camera, while taking readings in a house located in Pontrefact, West Yorkshire – a residence with a notorious reputation as one of the UK’s most haunted sites.

According to the Mirror, Thompson was testing for the presence of resident spirits by asking them if they’d like to play a little game.

According to the team’s footage, this “game” seems to involve a circle of round objects, around the size of ping-pong balls, which can be seen at Thompson’s feet, with a smaller object in the center of the circle.

Thompson claims he was taking readings on a K2 meter (which registers fluctuations in electromagnetic fields), which can be seen as a small black rectangle leaning against the far wall. He had just asked aloud if the entity would reveal itself, presumably by moving some of the objects in the circle.

Image Credit: Caters TV via YouTube

That’s when he reported a sudden spike on the K2 meter’s readings just as the instrument jerks to the right and falls on its side… as if yanked by an unseen hand. The movement clearly registered on camera (see clip below), and Thompson considers it to be possible on-camera evidence of poltergeist activity.

Sure, there are many skeptics and alternate explanations in the video’s comment thread… but we like to keep an open mind here. Watch the footage and decide for yourself!