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The Truth Behind “Jetpack Pilot” Sighted Over Mexico? [VIDEO]

The interwebs have been a-buzzin’ over a short video shot in the Mexican state of Baja California — footage which seems to depict a shiny cylindrical object hovering high above the road.

The unnamed photographer was reportedly driving through the area when she spotted the vertical shape — which some viewers have described as a resembling a human or human-like figure piloting a jetpack — and captured the moment with her phone.

“It’s something made of metal,” a woman can be heard saying in the clip.

The video was posted to Facebook on January 1 by UFO enthusiast Pedro Ramírez, who claims that the metallic object proves aliens are closely observing recent space launches by NASA and SpaceX. But so far, no conclusive evidence has been provided, such as additional videos or photos shot by other witnesses.

Scott Brando of has a more down-to-earth (or at least close to Earth) explanation for the sighting: he believes it’s a novelty helium balloon shaped like a STAR WARS stormtrooper.

Brando compared the video posted by Ramírez with the below clip of a stormtrooper balloon taking flight over a suburban parking lot:

His theory is definitely logical… but without any further evidence to corroborate the Facebook clip, the mystery may remain unsolved… even has ruled the sighting as “unproven.”