The 13th Floor

Sinkhole Reveals a Creepy Secret Room Beneath a Family’s Garage

Sinkholes are scary enough on their own… imagine minding your own business when the ground suddenly opens up to swallow whatever — or whomever — is unfortunate enough to be standing on that particular spot.

Brittany Bush and her family were lucky enough to escape injury when one such hole literally caused the bottom to drop out beneath their Idado Falls, ID home in the middle of the night… but the collapse revealed something even more shocking: a hidden, completely sealed room directly beneath their garage.

“As I was pushing the garage door up, my right foot was stepping into the garage and just kept going down,” Bush told East Idaho News. “I was holding onto the garage door and looked down and just started screaming.”

Image Credit: East Idaho News

After Brittany and her husband cautiously explored the small chamber – which contained shelving, a few personal effects, old packages and some creepy children’s toys – they called in professional inspectors to survey the property, which apparently was built in the 1950s, then remodeled extensively in the ‘70s. They also claim the secret room is unlisted on city or county records of the house… and the inspectors hinted there might be a second room hidden from view.

“He said it is definitely not a bomb shelter,” Brittany said, referring to an engineer who examined the room. “He says this looks very sketchy and is wondering what the backstory is.”

Image Credit: East Idaho News

The couple are beginning the process of cleaning up the damage… but not before receiving an ominous warning from the engineer and insurance inspector.

“Don’t be alarmed if there is a body down there,” they told her. “If there is, stop what you’re doing and call the police.”