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Texas Girl Performs Leatherface-Style “Surgery” on Her Dolls

A seven-year-old girl achieved viral infamy this week, after her sister tweeted some truly unsettling photos of her new favorite hobby: slicing the faces off dolls and plush toys and swapping them with others.

The unnamed kid’s older sister Katelynn (Twitter handle @sassykatx) posted the first images of these disturbing face-graft experiments on Monday, and horrified users quickly began sharing the nightmarish photos to the point where sites like Mashable began to take notice.

This sudden surge in attention (in the form of thousands of shares, and GIF comments showing horrified celebrity reactions or grisly horror movie clips) led Katelynn to reassure freaked-out fellow users that her sister was “not a serial killer… she just likes to play doctor.”

Still, not everyone seems convinced; a few commenters took note of how the face on the right appears to be worn by a real child. In fact, it’s just a very realistic baby doll underneath… not that makes the whole situation any less creepy.

Should we remind you this amateur plastic surgeon hails from the home of another infamous (albeit fictional) face-swapper?

Nah, probably just a coincidence…