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The Horrific Mystery of DR. EMMITT’S RESEARCH: Part 2

NOTE: Be sure to read Part 1 of this feature first [follow this link], or you’ll be up to your eyeballs in spoilers…

The eerie, mind-boggling circumstances surrounding the death and/or disappearance of noted anthropologist W.M. Emmitt, Ph.D. – as documented by his former teaching assistant and posted to an occult-themed subreddit in 2012 – revolve almost entirely around a set of transcripts taken from a single cassette tape found in the professor’s briefcase.

According to Emmitt’s assistant (whose real name is unknown; his posts were credited to username JMFinder), the voice on the tape is confirmed to be that of the professor himself, recorded over a series of six sessions, totaling at roughly 44 minutes.

JMFinder transcribed each session (six in all) in a separate post, and we’ve condensed them down to the most significant entries below. But since most of the source audio was never released online (more on that in a moment), the question still remains as to whether JMFinder’s writings are completely accurate… especially during toward the final few posts, which become increasingly bizarre and incomprehensible.

Despite sparking intense debate for nearly five years, it still remains unknown whether the recording is a document of an unexplained and shocking event which resulted in the doctor’s death, or if the assistant himself suffered some sort of mental breakdown as a result of what he heard on that tape.

All we do know for certain is that Dr. Emmitt and his assistant have not been seen or heard from since… and no traces remain of JMFinder’s writings, or his user account. The only known evidence of this entire incident includes the assistant’s journal entries [which we shared in Part 1 of this feature], the audio transcripts posted below, and a few seconds of a bizarre recording which JMFinder uploaded with his final post. You can listen to a copy of that file at the end of this article.

But first, let’s take a look at some highlights from those transcripts, in the order in which they first appeared on the Reddit sub in 2012.

Submitted 16 days ago * by JMFinder


The Eye is mine. I can’t believe it. Even as I tore the paper off the box Tiestras handed me and touched the cold, rough wood of the lid, it was like a dream. I felt like… [laughs] like a boy on Christmas morning who knew what Santa brought, just by the shape of the box. It’s been nearly… no, more than six goddamn years. I won’t say what I had to do to get this thing. All I know is it’s finally mine. I’m just going to stare at it for a while… hell, maybe for a whole hour. I don’t know. I can do anything I want now.

Image Credit: Dennis van de Water

Tiestras told me the ring was an ugly, tasteless lump, the metal is impure, and the stone itself is full of imperfections. But now, on my finger, as I gaze into the opal’s depths, it’s the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen… yes, even more beautiful than my Samantha, when I first laid eyes on her. Sorry, my love. This is pure research, after all.

The parchment is still reasonably intact, with just a few sections obscured. I should be able to fill in the blanks, but I’ll have to hit the books. It’s been a while since I’ve seen any complete passages from the text. Well, time to get to it…


I think Tiestras swindled me. The parchment only contains about two-thirds of the text. I looked to see if I might have dropped it, or accidentally tore a piece off when I opened the box… nothing. I had nearly the whole thing translated, but the key to the codex isn’t here. Bastard. He’s holding out for more cash. He knows I need that final piece to the puzzle…

Image Credit: -lvinst-


I can’t reach Tiestras anywhere, or any of his contacts. It’s like they were erased from the earth. Maybe the bastard didn’t have the other piece of the parchment… he just sold me all he had. I can’t tell. There’s only one copy of the codex in existence, and it’s been… what, 36 years since I last saw it? Christ. It must be all dust and ashes now. But I took damn good notes back then. I think I should have enough to extrapolate what I need…


I had the strangest dream last night. I must have fallen asleep at my desk while translating, and dreamed a dark figure had entered my office. It was the slender shape of a young woman, but completely, totally black… sort of a three-dimensional shadow. When she stood near my desk lamp, it cast nothing upon her. No details, highlights, contours, reflections… instead of occupying space, she seemed to be carved out of it, leaving pure nothing.

Then I began to see small flickers of light within that blackness… tiny flecks of blue and silver. It then occurred to me they looked exactly like the tiny fragments of silica captured within the blackness of the Eye of Zyre.

Just as that thought crossed my dreaming mind, the shadow-woman lurched toward me. Before I could recoil, she seized my left hand and squeezed. The pressure was greater than any human hand could exert, and the pain shot through the bones of my hand like lightning.

It must have been that pain which awakened me… but my hand seemed to be uninjured. After taking a few moments to calm down, I gingerly touched the fingers of my left hand to confirm that the pain had been imaginary.

Perhaps it had indeed been a dream, but for one thing: I can no longer remove the ring from my finger. It isn’t just being held in place by swollen flesh or bone; it’s as if it had been glued in place. When I pull at the ring, I feel my skin pull with it.

I’m trying not to worry just yet. I need to concentrate on finishing the translation…


I’ve lost all sense of time, but if my watch and desk clock are still accurate, I think two days have passed. I haven’t slept a wink, and the ring remains sealed on my finger… but somehow, between my notes and the existing text, I’ve managed to piece together and translate the final portion. But I’m too tired to read the entire thing from top to bottom yet. I need to sleep for a little while. Just a nap. It’s quiet… dark…


The shadow woman has returned. I don’t know if I’m still asleep, but I willed myself, perhaps my dream-self, to press the record button… maybe I actually did. I’ll find out later…

She’s standing completely still in the far corner… I’m leery of what she might do… the memory of the pain is still strong… there’s something [unintelligible] different about her this time… the flickering lights within the [unintelligible] seem even more brilliant… she’s impossibly beautiful, like the ring when I first gazed upon… perhaps this time she’ll give me what I asked… afraid of the cost… what will she take… [unintelligible] I’ll know soon…

She’s coming… Seteasvis… Vargonuth… touching… Ghorda… Engratha… embracing… Drellaemon… such beauty… [unintelligible] Halvazan… Ezotal… I know… now, at last, I know… Samantha, my love… it’s all true… I know!

The transcripts end here, followed by the following brief audio file, allegedly sourced from the same cassette tape on which these entries were recorded:

It’s been assumed that JMFinder attached this bit of audio because the final seconds of the professor’s last recording were unintelligible and could not be deciphered. However, some theories suggest the audio is actually the assistant’s voice, and not that of Dr. Emmitt. Even those who knew Emmitt personally are unable to tell whose voice is speaking here… in fact, none of them remember meeting the professor’s assistant at all.